What HTH Pattern Are You?

If you got mostly A’s…… You’re a Plaid! 

Cozy is your go-to. As a romantic bookworm, you can be found curling up with a new novel – preferably by a fireplace – drinking tea and getting lost in your imagination. You like to invest in your space to make it feel comforting and inviting. Items you like are timeless and beautifully crafted, welcoming the essence of nostalgia to your home. Click here to shop our Plaid treasures!

If you got mostly B’s…… You’re a Gingham! 

As a Gingham, you’re inspired by craftsmanship and nature’s abundant beauty. If it can be made by hand, you have either tried making it or have plans to do so. You can be found hosting outdoor gatherings accompanied by fresh produce from your garden and wildflower adornments. As the hands-on maker that you are, you love supporting local artisans in their creative endeavors.   Click here to shop all things Gingham!

If you got mostly C’s…… You’re a Stripe! 

You’re a mix of modern and traditional. You appreciate sleek, organic shapes and design, while staying true to a vintage coastal lifestyle. Long lazy days in the sunshine at the beach, followed by post-sunkissed evenings at bustling restaurants are your bliss. Top down  on the PCH is where your friends can find you. With this lifestyle of ease and sunshine, shop our Stripe pieces to complete the picture!