Spooky Chic: Halloween Decor Ideas for a Stylish Soiree

Our friend Amy Blessing has the best tips for holiday hosting year-round but she really shines come Halloween season. Heather recently attended Amy’s annual Halloween dinner and was blown away by the gorgeous tables and inspired decor. We sat down with the Loop Canvas co-founder to get her tips and tricks for throwing a spooky-chic soiree.

What is your go-to menu for a family friendly Halloween Dinner party?

I like to keep things simple and have the kids make their own pizzas! This is perfect because they can actually make their own dinners and I am usually finishing up the adult dinner and love the company in the kitchen. I will buy the pizza dough from Trader Joes (one bag usually makes 4-5 mini pizzas.) I keep the toppings simple: Mozzarella (cut into mummy strips), pepperoni, fresh basil, black olives (cut to make very spooky eyes!) and green/red peppers ( I cut mini triangles for vampire teeth!).

A cheese board is a great appetizer to have out for guests. I try to have everything be white, orange, black, and green. For this particular party, I used cheddar cheese, dark grapes, blackberries, dried oranges or apricots and darker crackers.

Veggie Chili is my go to for the adults! This is a great crowd-pleasing recipe by Pamela Salzman linked here. You can make it the day before to which help simplifies things the day of a party.

I like to do cornbread on the side and love this simple recipe from Martha Stewart.

Your decor is very cool and inspired. Please describe how you put together this spooky but chic look.

When Heather’s holiday linens come out I get excited to throw a party! This years halloween linens were especially festive. I immediately started looking for decor and imagining tables.

For the kids table, I collect Halloween decor so my table looks similar every year. I love to find nicer pieces and I usually will get a lot of my items from Michaels, they have the best affordable Halloween decor. This year I found some black cobwebs that pair nicely with a lot of the black hardware details in my house so I prefer those to a white. This helps tie all of my black and orange decor together.

For the adult table, I scattered around famers market figs, grapes and plums. I pre-dripped the candles the night before (just light them outside!) so they would look beautiful. I live in the canyon in LA so sometimes the wind can be tricky but I figure if I can’t get them lit they will still look great on the table!

We are obsessed with the caramel apple board. What is your process and do you have any tricks?

It is the easiest and a lot of bang for your buck. Last year I found these Trader Joes dipping kits. I bought two and between the adults and kids we polished them off. I swapped the more autumnal themed sprinkles that came with the kit for my own Halloween ones. I added some beautiful farmers market apples (I HAD hoped to find apples with some leaves still on but it wasn’t in the cards!) Next year, I may delve into making a salted caramel dipping sauce!