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Cooking in Real Life by Lidey Heuck 

From Lidey: I’m so excited to announce my first cookbook, Cooking in Real Life.  It’s a collection of simple, delicious recipes for all the different reasons we cook – busy weeknights, family holidays, quiet nights in, and every moment in between. I know that for most of us who like to cook, it’s far from the only thing we’re doing each day.  I wrote this book as a companion to a full life – to share recipes that will inspire you to cook more, to enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen, and to create memorable meals with your friends and family. That’s what cooking in real life is all about!

Lidey Heuck is a cook, food writer and recipe developer. Formerly Ina Garten’s assistant, she is now a regular recipe contributor to The New York Times. As a home cook who found her way into a career in food, Lidey knows that while some people see cooking as a way to unwind, for many others it can be a daunting task. Her simple, approachable recipes help cooks of all ages and experience levels create delicious, crowd-pleasing dishes and become more confident in the kitchen. A longtime lover of dinner parties, Lidey also enjoys sharing tips and ideas that make hosting friends and family more fun, more beautiful, and more memorable.