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Heather Taylor Home is launching our very first doll collection! Inspired by Heather’s daughters Scarlett and Goldie, Heather wanted to create the coziest dolls around for all their friends to play with. These handmade handwoven cotton dolls are totally timeless, and absolutely snuggly. The perfect combination of playful and pristine sure to charm kids and adults alike.



Goldie is a ginger cotton candy dream decked in our Katherine Plaid Powder and Midnight with Mini Stripe Peony accents. Named after Heather’s baby girl, sunny Goldie is all smiles 🙂


Rosy Scarlett is the namesake of Heather’s eldest daughter. She’s sporting bright Mini Gingham Poppy and Katherine Valentine with Mini Stripe Beach accents.


Soft Violet is sweet as pie in her Mini Gingham Honeydew and Lilac ensemble.


Frankie’s feminine pastels make her the ultimate girly-girl in her Soho Violet and Peony dress with Mini Gingham Peony accents.