Mini Gingham Cream Shams captured by Jessie Loeffler Randall

We love to see how our community uses HTH in their everyday moments. Hashtag #HTHIRL and share how you incorporate Heather Taylor Home into your life!

Mini Gingham Indigo Petite Ruffle Pillow front and center on a Hayes Cottage bed

Soho Napkins for a Roe Caviar tea party

Milos Hunter Pillow cuddled up with a puppy by Amy C Whyte

Mini Gingham Sunflower Petite Ruffle Pillow in a pretty nursery chair by Maggie Post

Soho Tablecloth ready for some guests by Seven Kind

Mini Gingham Tissue Box Cover, Mayfair Nutmeg Pillows and quilts from our West Elm collaboration adding so much flare to this kid room by Aisling Lauren

Gingham Honeydew tablecloth & citrus by Alana Stipech

Mayfair Nutmeg Petite Ruffle Pillow in a cute rattan chair by Aisling Lauren

Glen Plaid Chestnut Tablecloth & Soho Nutmeg Napkins set by Caitlin Flemming

Cherry Rose Needlepoint progress by Kelsey Lucas