A Soirée at Echo Park’s Chicest Pantry Shop, Bucatini

Owners of Echo Park’s Bucatini, Victoria Fayad and Sofia Stephens, Dish on Their Latest Dinner Party Soirée with Chef Chloe Walsh.

Photographed by Emily Ferretti
Florals by A.L. Basa
February 26, 2024

Can you tell us a little backstory on how this soirée came to be? 

Chloe stopped by the shop to grab a few things and we started chatting about our supper club concept. Of course after over a year of scheduling conflicts on both ends to make an event happen, in that moment a date was thrown out and it worked perfectly. It only felt right that Chloe be our debut chef.

What was on the menu?

The menu was largely inspired by Chloe’s travels through Italy. Here’s a copy for you all to drool over…

What are your entertaining philosophies? 

Abundance is everything. Multiple courses, overflowing glasses. Ample time to talk and laugh between plates. No end time to the night, no end to the wine. Let abundance rule the show. 

Indulge the senses. From the tablescape to the scent that we choose for the room, the music and tone of the lighting, consider every sense that contributes to the overall ambiance of a space. Giving our guests a full-bodied experience that they can feel but not necessarily realize was planned is our secret (and our specialty).

Placement placement placement. Make a seating chart, you won’t regret it. Arguably the most fulfilling part of the soirée was watching our placement of people come to life. By the end of the night, numbers were exchanged and we may have even overheard plans being made. The last few people out the door were those that had met that evening, and enjoyed themselves so much that they couldn’t help but linger.

Last but not least, can you tell us a bit about Bucatini?

We first met over a bowl of spaghetti vongole in a favorite local Italian haunt, Speranza. What began as a mutual love of food quickly developed into a beautiful friendship. We each dreamed of starting something that didn’t exist in Los Angeles: a space that brought together grocery, giving, and a dining experience. We founded the shop out of an excitement for quality goods and a desire to bring people together through the kitchen. But what mattered more to us than the innovation of this brand was its romantic heart. An old world feeling of both space and product was our main focus, and hopefully something that can be felt immediately when you walk through Bucatini’s door.


Visit Bucatini at 2146 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 for HTH linens, specialty canned tomatoes, sauces, pastas, mouth blown glass, heritage home brands, cookbooks, decorative objects and so much more.